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Easy Macrame Door Curtain DIY with Boho Style

Learn how to make a curtain for a closet door, bedroom door, or even an opening from one room into another. This easy macrame door curtain DIY will look great anywhere you decide to hang it!

completed macrame door curtain with text overlay

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Do you remember in the 60’s and 70’s when beaded curtains were all the rage? Of course we never had any in our home when I was growing up, but I always wanted one. Macrame door curtains are the same concept only made with macrame string instead of beads.

Macrame door curtains look a little more modern and not as “hippie” as beaded curtains, but they are undeniably boho and that is what I love about them!

How to Make a Macrame Door Curtain

Best Type of String to Use

You don’t want the string to be too soft, it needs to have form to it, so I recommend using 3ply twisted macrame string. I used 3mm 3ply twisted for this curtain. It gives you more strands to work with and allows for a more detailed pattern at the top.

You can use any color you want to use. I chose to use natural colored string to make this one. You may notice some difference in color of the strings. That’s because I ran out of one brand and had to use some of another brand. Make sure you have enough of the same brand to make your curtain or any other project. Different brands can have different colors and it will ruin the look of the project.

I went ahead with this one because I wanted to share the tutorial and pattern with you without having to wait on new string to arrive. That’ll teach me to let myself run out of string…real life problems. This is a very simple pattern, so if you want to make yours more detailed you can. I just like to keep it simple and modern looking.

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Materials Needed for a Macrame Door Curtain

Let’s get knotting!

Step 1. Measure and cut your strings

You will need approximately 1400 feet of string for this project (467 yards). Cut 70 strings that are 20 feet long.

You can use a tape measure to measure out the 20 feet or you can do it like I do and measure by the length of your arm span. Once you have the first string, use it as a guide to cut the rest.

Step 2. Attach the strings

string on dowel rod for macrame door curtain

Attach all of the strings to the dowel rod using a lark head’s knot. Your strings should cover 30 1/2 inches so that they cover the doorway when the dowel rod is hung on the door trim.

Step 3. Tie the square knots

square knots tied to form a triangle

You’re going to make 5 triangles across using square knots. Each triangle will be 7 square knots across on the first row tapering down to one on the 7th row using alternating square knots. Alternating square knots are made using the two inside cords of adjacent square knots so that it is tied under and in between them.

two triangle shapes tied with square knots on macrame door curtain

Note the different colored string. Always make sure you have enough string of the same brand when doing a project.

Step 4. Add the half hitch loops

I learned this knot from a video, but it didn’t tell me the name. It is made the same way you make a half hitch knot, you just don’t tighten it. So it is just a loop. A half hitch loop. If I find out the real name of it, I will come back and update this post.

You simply take 4 strings and loop 2 around the other 2 to make a half hitch loop.

In order for the macrame door curtain to divide and enable you to go through the door or get into the closet where you hang it, you can’t tie knots all the way down all the way across. You have to start tapering them out to the edge.

I tied my half hitch loops down 10 inches across the curtain so it could be divided and walked through. Then I started tapering them out away from the middle and stopped at 20 1/2 inches with the last one on each side.

macrame door curtain with square knots and half hitch loops

Step 5. Cut your strings to the desired length

You can cut your macrame door curtain to any length you want. I cut this one to fall just above the floor at 80 inches. That measurement is if you are going to hang the dowel on the door trim.

Hang it up and you’re done! To get the best view I hung it on the wall, trying to get a picture of it on a door opening was impossible in my house.

completed macrame door curtain
closeup of door curtain
macrame door curtain divided and tied back like a curtain

I will definitely be remaking this once I get more string. I know I have already said this twice, but make sure you have enough of the same brand of string before you make this or any project.

Happy Knotting!


Thursday 2nd of November 2023

Hello. Could you use different colours if it was the same sort of cord?


Monday 4th of December 2023

You absolutely can use any color cord you want to use!


Monday 16th of October 2023

I am wanting to make this macrame curtain for a window in a trailer. The curtain size is approximately 16in wide x 23in length. I have 4mm cord. What should the length of the cord be and how many strands? Thank you


Saturday 21st of October 2023

Hi Patty, I would make the length of your cords at least 3x the finished length you want it to be to make sure you have enough length for the pattern. As to how many strands you will need, you can just attach them to your rod until you have enough. Mine are right next to each other for this one, so don't leave any room and be sure to have an even number of strands. I hope that helps!