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How to Make A Simple Macrame Garland

Make your own simple macrame garland using 2 knots. This garland is great for fall and you can change out the colored cord to customize for any season.

Macrame garland hanging above a mantle with a large white pumpkin and small orange and white pumpkin

I have been wanting to make a macrame garland for awhile now. It’s one of those projects that you just put off until you realize it’s the season for garlands and you don’t have one. Eeeeek!

The best part about this garland is that you can easily change out the colored cord to any color for any season. No more totes full of different garland for fall and Christmas.

This project caters to the minimalist mindset I have adopted when it comes to seasonal decor.

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This garland is super easy to make and only uses two knots. A lark’s head knot and a berry knot.

Let’s get knotting!


Step 1. Cut the string

You will need the following lengths of string

  • 1 – 10ft length of 4mm natural rope
  • 18 – 5ft length of 4mm natural rope
  • 72 – 2 1/2 ft lengths of 4mm natural rope
  • 53 – 2 1/2 ft lengths of 3mm mustard macrame string

The easiest way to cut the 2 1/2 ft pieces is to cut 5ft pieces then just cut those in half. Remember, that after you cut the first piece you can use it as a guide for the rest instead of measuring each one.

Step 2. Attach strings using a lark’s head knot

Fold your strings in half so that the ends meet and add them to the base string using a lark’s head knot.

macrame cords tied using a lark's head knot

I hung my 10ft piece of 4mm natural rope on the mantle like I wanted it to hang when it was done and added my strings directly to it as it was hanging there.

macarme garland with natural and gold string

You can do this one of two ways. You can attach all the strings at once and go back and make the berry knots or you can make them as you go. In hindsight attaching all the strings first probably would have been more efficient.

Either way this is the pattern:

  • 2 – 2 1/2ft natural
  • 1 – 2 1/2ft mustard
  • 2 – 5ft natural (these are the ones you will use for the berry knot)
  • 1 – 2 1/2ft mustard
  • 2 – 2 1/2ft natural

Continue with this pattern all the way across.

Step 3. Make berry knots using the 5ft pieces

How to make a berry knot:

image collage of how to tie a berry knot
  • First tie a sinnet of 4 square knots in the 5ft piece
  • Next take the two inside cords and feed them in between the two lark’s head knots securing those lengths to your 10ft cord, pulling it all the way through until the square knots form a small berry.
  • Using the two outside cords tie a square knot to secure the berry knot in place.

Congratulations! You just tied a berry knot. Now, tie the rest of the 5ft pieces the same way.

Step 4. Cut and comb fringe

Cut the fringe to the desired length and use a comb to fray the ends of the fringe. I just use a regular plastic comb to comb out the fringe. I like to just do the ends, a couple of inches or so up. It gives it a natural frayed look

ends of macrame garland combed into fringe

Step 5. Hang your garland

Hang your garland and you’re done! I have tried mine 3 different ways. You can easily spread out the strings to make it longer, or push them close together to make it shorter and fuller.

Hang directly on the mantle. You may have to adjust the loop on the ends to accommodate the width of your mantle.

fall macrame garland hanging on the mantle

Hang it the same way as on the mantle only hang it on the chimney wall above.

simple macrame garland hanging on the wall above the fireplace

Hang it on the chimney wall starting at the top of one side coming down in a swoop to the bottom at the other side.

I love how this turned out and I can change the mustard color for red at Christmas. One garland multiple seasons!

If you make the simple macrame garland I would love to see it! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram!

Happy Knotting!


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macrame garland hanging above the mantle
image collage of macrame garland hanging 3 different ways with text Simple Macrame Garland