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Keychain Wristlet Using Crown Knots

Learn how to make a keychain wristlet using crown knots. Keychain wristlets are fun and easy to make. They make great gifts and you can make one in 30 minutes or less.

three keychain wristlets laying on the counter with text overlay "Keychain wristlet using crown knots"

I’m back again with another keychain wristlet tutorial. The first one was made using square knots. These are made using crown knots. Making it with crown knots takes a little longer, but you can still make one in 30 minutes or less. The pattern of the crown knot really steps them up a notch, I think 😉

I tried a new material this time around. I used t-shirt yarn and I’m loving how these keychain wristlets feel and how flexible they are!

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What is t-shirt yarn?

T-shirt yarn is yarn made from discarded textiles. Yay for recycling! It’s also known as jersey yarn, T-yarn, or tarn. It has some give to it when you pull on it, so it is a great choice for macrame wristlets.

silver, charcoal, and pink balls of t-shirt yarn sitting on the counter

What can t-shirt yarn be used for?

T-shirt yarn can be used in macrame, knitting, crochet, weaving, and it can be used to make rags. When I worked for Goodwill many years ago, all the clothing we didn’t sell was sent to be made into rags.

Is t-shirt yarn soft?

Not soft and fuzzy if that’s what you’re wondering. It feels like a t-shirt (no surprise there) that has been washed a few times. The best thing about is the flexibility. It has a little bit of “give” when you pull on it.

Can t-shirt yarn be washed?

Yes, t-shirt yarn can be washed. However, if you’re using it in a macrame project, I wouldn’t recommend washing the project. I would be afraid that the knots might come untied.

What size does t-shirt yarn come in?

T-shirt yarn can be made in almost any size, but the sizes you will typically see for purchase are from 3mm to 11mm. 5-7mm is the best size to use for a macrame project.

How to make a keychain wristlet using crown knots

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Supplies Needed

I used the following colors for my keychain wristlets


Step 1. Cut your t-shirt yarn

For one keychain wristlet, you will need 2 lengths of t-shirt yarn measuring 11 feet long. You can measure this with your measuring tape if you want to, but I just pull it out to the width of my arms extended out to the side. For me, that’s about 5 1/2 feet, so I doubled it.

Step 3. Attach t-shirt yarn to your ring

Attach your yarn to your ring using a lark’s head knot, giving you four cords to work with. The great thing about tying crown knots is that you use all the cords equally, so you don’t end up with cords that are longer or shorter than each other in the end.

Step 4. Tie the crown knots

Tie a sinnet of crown knots that is 15 inches long. I kept losing count of how many I tied, so I measured it. You want the wristlet to be 7 1/2 inches long when doubled over.

sinnet of crown knots tied for a keychain wristlet using crown knots

Tying crown knots is really easy once you figure out what to do with your fingers. See the video below to learn how to tie a crown knot. It’s really easier to show you in a video rather than try to explain it in a written tutorial.

Step 5. Finish the keychain wristlet using crown knots

Once you finish tying your crown knots, we are going to finish it using a gathering knot. First, tie off the remaining cords using a regular knot. This is just to keep them all contained.

finishing the keychain wristlet using crown knots

Bring them up until the last crown knot is even with the first one. I looped mine over my S-hook to make it easier. Now tie your gathering knot. Cut off the extra string, add the lanyard clip and you’re done!

See my photo bomber back there? She was working really hard 😂

finished keychain wristlet using crown knots

I really like this wristlet! It stretches and is very flexible. And that pattern from the crown knots, there is just nothing like it!

closeup of three keychain wristlets using crown knots
three keychain wristlet using square knots

It’s also great to use as a billfold handle. Leave that bulky purse at home!

keychain wristlet used as a wallet fob

Are you excited to try the crown knot? What about t-shirt yarn? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Knotting,