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Easy DIY Macrame Keychain Wristlet

Keychain wristlets are fun and practical accessories that help you keep track of your keys. Learn how to make a DIY macrame keychain wristlet for yourself or to give as a gift.

image of macrame keychain wristlet with text overlay

I have wanted to make a keychain wristlet for quite a while. I’ve made a few keychains and they were really cute, but I wanted something that I could just slip on my wrist and not worry about my keys falling to the bottom of my purse and not being able to find them.

It’s also great because I can just hang my keys up and I always know where they are!

You can make these in any color or you could even use more than one color of string to make your keychain wristlet.

They also make great gifts! Everyone on my gift-giving list is getting one of these this year…shhhh 🤫 don’t tell!

Ways to use a keychain wristlet

Do you have to dig for your keys in your purse? A keychain wristlet is a perfect way to keep track of your keys and make them easy to grab whenever you need them. You can also clip it to your purse to make it even easier to locate them.

Do you ever need to just take your keys with you and not carry a purse at all? There are lots of times that I don’t even take my purse with me when I leave the house and having a keychain wristlet allows me to just slip it on my wrist and have my keys easily accessible.

You can also use the wristlet strap on a small clutch or billfold and leave that bigger purse at home!

Is a macrame keychain wristlet easy to make?

A macrame keychain wristlet is super easy to make. It’s made using just one macrame knot and secured with a gathering knot.

What type of macrame string is best to use?

The best type of macrame string to use to make a keychain wristlet is 3 strand twisted cotton. 3 strand twisted macrame string is stiffer than other types of string and will give your wristlet a strong form that is less likely to wear or fray.

New to the art of macrame? Learn to macrame with these 4 basic macrame knots and check out the 19 Macrame Terms for Beginners You Need to Know.

How to Make a Macrame Keychain Wristlet

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string, lanyard and scissors sitting on cork circle

Supplies for macrame keychain wristlet


Step 1. Cut your macrame cord

Cut 2 pieces of 3-strand macrame cord to 7 feet long and cut 1 piece to 18 inches long. The shorter piece will be used to make the gathering knot to finish your macrame keychain wristlet.

Step 2. Attach cords to the keychain lanyard

Take each of the 7 ft. long cords and fold them over so that one side is 15 inches long. Attach them to the keychain lanyard using a lark’s head knot with both short sides of the string being in the middle.

macrame string attached to keychain lanyard ring with measuring tape showing 15 inches

Step 3. Tie the knots

Tie a sinnet of 40 square knots. The sinnet of square knots should be 15 inches long.

square knots making the macrame keychain wristlet
40 square knots on the macrame keychain wristlet

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Step 4. Finish the macrame keychain wristlet

Bring the end up to the top and using the 18 inch length of rope, complete the keychain wristlet by securing it with a gathering knot.

sinnet of square knots folded up in half

You can use a dab of hot glue to secure it together before adding the gathering knot just to be on the safe side, but it isn’t necessary.

Gathering knots are an easy and secure way to finish a macrame project. Learn how to make a gathering knot in the video below!

Cut off excess rope and it’s done!

macrame keychain wristlet with car key

A macrame keychain wristlet is perfect for your keys, or you could even attach it to your wallet and leave the big bulky purse at home.

keychain wristlet used with a wallet

You can make your macrame keychain wristlet in any color. It’s a quick and easy 10 minute macrame project that is great for beginners. What color will you make?

Happy Knotting!

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