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Best Macrame Cord for Plant Hangers

Plant hangers are one of the first projects beginners learn to make. What’s the best macrame cord for plant hangers? Learn the best type to use inside or to hang outside.

Susanne holding macrame cord for plant hangers

The first macrame project I made was a plant hanger. It took several attempts to get it right, but I was pretty proud once I did. That one plant hanger set me on my journey to learn macrame.

I didn’t know about the different types of cord you could buy or which one was best for which type of project. When I searched Amazon, single-twist cotton macrame string was the first to come up, so I hit the add-to-cart button.

Learning to make square knots and tying and untying them to get them right doesn’t work so well using single-twist cotton macrame string. It’s a bunch of strands wound together in one single twist. The string loses form easily and untwists. It’s like a hem unraveling, and you can’t stop it.

spool of single strand twisted cotton string

It’s great for making wall hangings and macrame feathers. The fringe made from single-twist cotton is the best you will ever see. Easy to comb and lays so smoothly. But it’s not great for plant hangers.

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So, I did some more research and found other types of macrame cord that would work better. Let’s take a look at the best macrame cord for plant hangers.

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Indoor Plant Hangers

Since you shouldn’t use single-twist cotton cord, what should you use to make indoor plant hangers? All of the different macrame cord in this post can be used indoors, but there are a few that work better indoors than others. Here are my recommendations and why.

3 Strand Cotton Twisted

3 strand twisted cotton macrame cord for plant hangers

3 strand cotton twisted is exactly what it sounds like it is. 3 strands twisted around each other. Twisting them around each other makes this type of macrame cord strong and structured. Fringe with this type of string will be wavy if it is just untwisted.

Use 3mm or larger when making a plant hanger with this cord. You can be assured that it will hold your plant pot with no fear of it unraveling.

Cotton Braided

light purple 6 strand braided macrame cord

Braided cotton macrame cord is typically six strands of cotton braided together. It is a soft, very strong cord with some give. It doesn’t fringe, so if you want a more boho look for your plant hanger, opt for three-strand cotton twisted.

Use 3mm or larger when making a plant hanger with this cord. Your plant hanger will have a modern look that will last for a long time.

Jute Rope

start of a planter hanger made using jute rope

Did you know jute rope can be used for macrame? It can, and it has a wonderful texture. Jute is a natural fiber and is rough, so take care when making your plant hanger to avoid scratching your hands. Again, choose 3mm or larger when using jute.

Outdoor Plant Hangers

Outdoor plant hangers are a bit different. If they are not under some type of covering, you have to choose a cord that can withstand getting wet. If your plant hangers are on an enclosed porch away from the weather, you can use any of the above types of cord plus these other options.


Paracord is made from polypropylene (plastic) and is perfect for making outdoor plant hangers. It is a strong fiber and can handle being out in the elements. Typically 6 strands or more, it will not fringe. It can hold larger pots with no fear of coming unraveled.


Clothesline, which you can buy at your local big box store, is great for making outdoor planters. It’s a budget-friendly option that holds up well in the elements and can easily support the weight of larger pots. It comes in different sizes, so choose 3mm or larger.


What size cord should I use for a macrame plant hanger?

The size of the macrame cord you choose to use for your plant hanger depends on the size of the plant pot. You don’t want to use a cord that is too small for a big pot or too large for a small pot. As long as the anchoring knots and the finishing knot are strong, your pot will be safe from falling out.

How much cord should I use for my plant hanger?

Typically, I like to make my plant hangers 36 inches long. The number and types of knots you use will determine how much cord you will use. It’s not an exact science, so I cut my cords 2 1/2 to 3 times longer than I want the finished length.

With 5 different types of cord to choose from, you have lots of options for making plant hangers that will be strong and hold your plants without fear of them coming unraveled. You will also be able to rework your plant hangers as often as you need to to get them exactly how you want them.