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Simple Color Block Plant Hanger DIY

Learn how to make this simple color block plant hanger using square knots. Make it in any colors that strike your fancy for a unique look.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways of making plant hangers. Four arms and a basket for the plant to sit in can get boring. To make it unique you have to switch things up a bit.

Use a different pattern of knots or use colored macrame string instead of just natural color string. Use jute or t-shirt string. Anything that will give it a unique look.

Plant in clay pot hanging in simple two-toned plant hanger

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I had an email from one of my readers asking if I had any suggestions for doing a two-toned plant hanger. Of course at the time I didn’t, but I gave her some suggestions and started brainstorming the best way to do it without it looking weird.

I didn’t want the strings intertwined throughout the whole plant hanger. It came to me in the middle of dinner one night and the next day I got busy knotting.

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How to make a simple color block plant hanger

Materials needed

pink and black string with metal ring

Let’s get knotting!

Step 1. Cut your strings for the simple color block plant hanger

  • Cut 4 12′ pink and 4 12′ black strings
  • Pull them through the metal ring until the ends meet. Two black on the outside, four pink on the inside and 2 black on the outside. This will make it easier to keep the colors separate for your color block plant hanger.
  • You will then have a total of sixteen strings hanging from the metal ring
two black, then four pink, then two black strings on a metal ring

Step 2. Secure strings with a gathering knot

  • Cut an 18″ piece of black string to use for the gathering knot.
  • See how to make a gathering knot in the video below.

Step 3. Make the four plant hanger arms

  • Divide the strings into groups of four, keeping like colors together.
  • Tie a sinnet of 15 square knots on each group of four strings.
square knots tied on four sections of pink, black, pink and black
  • To have enough string, take the outside strings of each group of four and bring them inside.
four pink macrame strings
  • Measure down 12″ and tie a sinnet of eight square knots in each arm.
  • Three or four of these square knots should rest on your plant pot depending on the size of the pot
pink arm of the simple two-toned-plant hanger

Step 4. Make the plant hanger basket

  • Hold side by side a set of pink and a set of black strings in your hand.
four black strings and 4 pink strings
  • Take the two inside strings from each set, measure down 3″ and tie two square knots.
two black strings and two pink strings
  • Next take the two remaining pink strings and the first two of the next set of black strings and tie them together using two square knots.
  • Do this all the way around until all the stings are joined to ether.

Watch my video on how to make a plant hanger basket if you need to see it being done. I know that usually helps me.

pink and black macrame strings tied together in square knots

Step 5. Finish and fringe

  • Measure down 2 1/2″ and tie a gathering knot to finish the basket
gathering knot tied at the end of the simple two-toned-plant hanger
  • Cut the strings to the desired length you want and carefully unwind the 3ply strings to create a wavy fringe
pink and black strings unraveled and wavy

This is what I love about the 3ply and 4ply strings! You can unravel it to look like this or you brush it out to get rid of the wave.

Here are some more pictures of the completed color block plant hanger. I just can’t help myself, I’m a sucker for a cute plant in a cute plant hanger!

overhead view of color block plant hanger
pink and black arms of two-toned plant hanger
wavy tail of two-toned plant hanger
two-toned plant hanger hanging in front of cutting boards

Where should you hang a hanging plant?

There are a lot of different places you could hang your macrame plant hangers. It really depends on the amount of light the plant needs.

Plants only needing low light can be hung in a corner or a bathroom (they will love the humidity from the shower) or any room that doesn’t get direct sunlight.

Plants that need lots of sun can be hung in front of windows or on porches and patios. Light can also be artificial. If you have an overhead light in the kitchen that you leave on your plant will love it!

What colors will you use to make your plant hanger? Be sure to follow and tag me on Instagram or Facebook so I can see your plant hanger!

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image collage of two-toned plant hanger with text Simple Two-toned  Macrame Plant Hanger
Plant in clay pot hanging in simple two-toned plant hanger