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How to Make Macrame Coasters

Learn how to make simple DIY macrame coasters. You can use any color macrame string you want. Keep them for yourself or give them as gifts!

I'm a hot mess mug sitting on a macrame coaster

Do you want to be crafty, but the thought of a hot glue gun makes you shudder? Do the letters DIY have you running for cover? Stop right there! I know just how you feel, I was the same way!

I tried my hand at DIY projects and ended up with blood on my hands…true story. Some of the projects turned out…most didn’t.

And then I ran across macrame in my Instagram feed. I thought to myself, now this I could do! No hot glue, no spray paint or nails required.

Macrame has made a big comeback in the last couple of years. It can be extremely boho, or it can lean more minimalist. I love minimalist macrame design. A modern take on this boho craft is what I strive for.

Today we’re going to be making macrame coasters. You can make them using any color macrame string. I like the natural color macrame string because it looks so clean and modern.

New to the art of macrame? Learn to macrame with these 4 basic macrame knots. See how to make a this macrame plant hanger for beginners and try your hand at this simple wall hanging with feathers!

I don’t know about you, but around our house you can never find a coaster when you want one. I don’t know where they go (could it be the grands? Probably) so I decided to make some.

Macrame coasters are easy to make. They are made using a half hitch knot. See my video on how to make a half hitch knot, if you don’t know to make one.

Get ready to macrame!

roll of macrame string and scissors to make macrame coasters

Materials needed for macrame coasters

macrame string laid out to start a macrame coaster
macrame string tied togehter to make a circle
  • Once they are all attached push them close together and tie the 6th string using a regular knot. Leave one end of that string at least 6′ long. This will be your working cord.
string for macrame coaster
  • Working around in a circle, tie each string twice to the working cord using a half hitch knot.
start of the macrame coaster showing a gap that needs another string added
  • When you have a gap like shown above you will need to add another string to your working cord using a lark’s head knot.
  • Pull it tight and slide it into place next to the the previous half hitch knot.
  • Continue in a circular pattern adding extra strings as needed. I added 12-13 extra strings.
macrame coaster with three layers made around in a circle
six layers around in a circle for the macrame coaster, strings laying out making it look like a sun
  • Depending on how large you want your coaster to be, continue knotting around in a circular pattern. I like mine to be 6 rows around.
excess strings of coaster cut to about 3 inches long
  • Cut the excess string away, leave a few inches to start with.
excess strings combed out to make a fringe
  • Using a comb, comb the strings out to make a fringe.
fringe of macrame coaster trimmed short
  • Lastly, trim fringe to desired length. I trim mine pretty short, but you can trim yours to whatever length you like.
I'm a hot mess mug sitting on a macrame coaster between to plants on a tray

That’s it! I love these coasters! They are easy to make and the natural cotton macrame string goes with any decor!

mug of coffee sitting on a macrame coaster

Like this project? Pin it for later!

Easy to make macrame coasters image to pin to pinterest

Do you like the natural color or will you make yours with colored string? I would love you to share them when they’re done! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram so I can see!

Happy knotting!



Sunday 9th of October 2022

Hi, I tried this and it looks good for a first attempt I guess, but it's all curled up to more of a bowl shape than a flat coaster, any advice on where I might have went wrong?


Thursday 13th of October 2022

Hi Hayley! You may have tied your knots too tight. Try tying them a little looser next time, close together, but looser. Let me know if that works.


Wednesday 24th of March 2021

Would you know what length ropes you would need for a large round placemat? Like 12 inches diameter or so?

Wednesday 24th of March 2021

Hi Henrietta! It's going to depend on the size string you use. The smaller the string, the longer you will need it to be. I'm going to be making round placemats as my next project and will be using 6mm. I plan on using 24 ft for the beginning strings and then I will step down the length as I add new ones to fill in gaps. I don't know yet if that will make a 12 inch round placemat or if it will be too much. Sorry, that probably didn't help you.

katie Daye

Thursday 19th of November 2020

The macrame cord you linked is 4 strand but it looks like the one you used is single strand. Can you specify which is best for this project?

Thursday 19th of November 2020

Hi Katie! You're right, I'm so sorry about that. I went back and corrected it with links for single strand and 4 strand. The single strand will give you a softer coaster the 4 strand will be stiffer. If I had to do the project again I would use the 4 strand. It just seems to hold it's shape better, at least I think so. There are links now to both types of string in the post. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention!