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20+ Creative Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas

A macrame wall hanging is a great way to add art and texture to your space. Check out these creative macrame wall hanging ideas for inspiration to add some to your home.

image collage of eight macrame wall hangings with text overlay "Creative Macrame Wall Hanging Ideas"

Macrame wall hangings are the perfect opportunity to show off your knotting skills. You can make intricate patterns combining different knots or you can keep it simple and use just one knot. That’s the great thing about macrame! It’s all about the look you want for your space.

Whether you’re a beginner or you have been doing macrame for a while, I know you will find inspiration to create your own macrame wall art from this collection of 20 macrame wall hangings.

Macrame Wall Hanging Project Ideas

1. Heart Wall Hanging

Macrame wall hanging with hearts

This easy wall hanging is made by tying square knots around each set of filler cords. Knots are tied down each set of filler cords instead of across the wall hanging. See the full tutorial and get the pattern to make your own!

2. Feather Wall Hanging

This is one of the easiest macrame projects there is to do and it looks great in any room you want to put it in! Customize it to the colors that match your decor. In order to make sure your feathers stay nice and straight be sure to check out How to Straighten Macrame Fringe and Keep it That Way.

3. Macrame Wall Hanging with Beads

This was one of my very first wall hangings. I ended up giving it to my granddaughter for her room and she loves it! This wall hanging with beads is made using alternating square knots and half-hitch knots, you can add beads anywhere in the fringe by attaching them with a simple overhand knot. I left the fringe uncombed, but you could definitely comb it out if you want to.

4. Marcrame Wall Hanging with T-shirt Fringe

Macrame wall hanging tied with square knots in a triangle pattern with pink, charcoal, and denim blue t-shirt fringe

Repurpose those old t-shirts into fringe on a macrame wall hanging in 30 minutes! This is a quick and easy wall hanging that ended up being unique with a ton of character. I first thought about tying knots with the t-shirt strips, but quickly realized that they weren’t long enough to make an entire wall hanging. So instead, I used them as the fringe. Make your own with this tutorial.

5. Macrame Wall Hanging with Feathers

Mustard colored macrame feathers hanging on strings

Learn how to make your very own simple macrame wall hanging with feathersIt will look great anywhere in your home and you can customize it by choosing any color for your feathers. Simple decor is what I love and this wall hanging ticks all the boxes!

6. Macrame Hoop Wreath from The DIY Mommy

macrame wall hanging on round hoop hanging on door

I love how simple this is! This macrame hoop wreath is super easy to make using a hoop and square knots. Add your own extra embellishments, or leave it plain for whatever season you’re in and you have the perfect wreath to hang on the door or wall!

7. Painted Fringe Wall Hanging from Green Wedding Shoes

simple macrame wall hanging with the bottom of fringe painted bright pink

This fun piece is made using half hitch knot and is attached to twine instead of wood or a dowel. It would make a great wall hanging, but was designed as wedding decor for a Mr. and Mrs. chair. Cute idea, don’t you think?! Painting the fringe is as easy as laying it on a protected surface (Hello! You don’t want that pink paint all over the place) and painting it with textile paint.

8. Macrame Rainbow from Angela Holm

Macrame rainbows are very trendy right now. They are easy to make and are great for your child’s room.

9. Copper Pipe Wall Hanging from A Beautiful Mess

macrame wall hanging made using copper pipe

Copper pipe instead of beads gives this wall hanging some extra bling. This copper pipe wall hanging is made using cotton piping instead of macrame string because of it’s larger diameter to be able to fill and hold the pieces of copper pipe. A simple macrame wall hanging that is definitely a show stopper.

10. Mini Wall Hanging DIY from A Pretty Fix

mini wall haning on dowel with square knots in a diamond pattern

Square knots are the one simple macrame knot used in this mini boho wall hanging. The diamond pattern is easy to make with loosely tied knots. I just love the contrast of the cord against the color of that dowel! You can make as many rows as you want, just remember, the more knots the more rope you will need.

11. Macrame Feather Wreath from Craftberry Bush

This macrame feather wreath is made using yarn. That’s what gives the feathers that awesome boho crinkle texture! Of course you could make it with macrame cord, but why mess with perfection? Add as many feathers as you want and use any color yarn that strikes your fancy.

12. Two-Toned Macrame Wall Hanging from Lia Griffith

woman holding wall hanging done in green and natural fiber

Color blocking is growing in popularity. From furniture to paint treatments on a wall, color blocking has made it’s way to macrame. You may have seen it used in macrame coasters, but it makes this macrame wall hanging a unique piece. You can make this project using just half hitch knots for a great boho wall hanging for your home.

13. 10 Minute Macrame Wall Hanging from Habit Made

Macrame rainbows are so very trendy right now! They are easy to make and great for kids’ room decor.

14. Bohemian Macrame Mirror from Made in a Day

macrame mirror wall hanging on the wall above plants

This cute little boho mirror makes a great wall hanging. Made with square knots, it’s similar to a plant hanger and is a great first project if you have never done macrame before.

15. Dip-Dyed Wall Hanging from Dans le Lakehouse

blue and natural dip-dyed macrame wall hanging on driftwood

I love the dip-dyed finish of this beachy boho wall hanging. Made a piece of driftwood it puts you in mind of the beach and water as soon as you see it. Half hitch knots create a break in the cords and you can just imagine the water washing onto to shore. See the full tutorial to learn how to dip-dye your macrame wall hanging.

16. Colorful Macrame Wall Art from Club Crafted

yellow and natural colored macrame wall art hanging above the bed

This colorful wall hanging uses a few different knots. Square knots, left square knots (tying square knots all the same direction will make them spiral), and half hitch knots. Combined together they make an interesting design that is easy for a beginner to make. You can choose any colors to make your own to match your decor.

17. Boho Wall Hanging from Hellonest

boho wall hanging in natural color hanging on the wall

I love the tassels and I love the loose pattern of the square knots. This is the perfect example of how a single knot can look so much different from one project to another. This boho wall hanging can be made in just a few hours or even less if you make a smaller version.

18. Macrame Yarn Garland DIY from A Beautiful Mess

colorful macrame garland hanging on the wall

Garlands aren’t just for mantles. How about a fun macrame garland on the wall? This macrame wall garland is made using yarn and the different colors really make this a statement piece. See the full tutorial to make this macrame wall art for yourself.

19. Wool Roving Wall Hanging from Made in a Day

wall hanging with copper accents hanging above a chair

Wool roving used in macrame wall art gives you a full fluffy look that can’t be matched by any other material. Made on a wooden dowel and using copper pipe couplings as an accent, this wool roving wall art will add instant texture and style to your space.

20. Silk Flower Macrame Wall Art from Green Wedding Shoes

macrame wall art using silk flowers

This boho wall hanging is the perfect design to be able to add some extra embellishments. Loosely tied square knots in a net-like pattern give you the opportunity to add pretty silk flowers for a truly boho feel. Depending on the size you make, this would be great as an even backdrop or on the wall in your bedroom.

21. Mini Wall Hanging for Beginners from Made By Hand

A mini boho design that is beginner-friendly. This is the perfect project for beginners to practice knot tying.

Which project will you try? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy knotting!

Abby Williamson

Wednesday 16th of February 2022

All of these projects are awesome!! Tune to make some wall hangings!


Wednesday 16th of February 2022

I'm so glad they inspired you!! I can't wait to see what you make!!