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Simple Boho Macrame Christmas Ornament

Make your own macrame Christmas ornament using alternating square knots to form a triangle with fringe. This cute little boho style ornament is easy to make and will look great on your Christmas tree this year!

Macrame Christmas ornament hanging on Christmas tree branch with text overlay "Easy Macrame Christmas Ornament

I have wanted to make some macrame ornaments for quite awhile now. Every year Christmas has come and gone and my tree has been without my favorite decor style. Boho.

Well this year I’m changing that! I don’t know why I didn’t make these sooner. They are so easy to make and you can make three in about 30 minutes.

I chose to use natural colored macrame string, but you could use any color you want to match your other Christmas tree decorations.

I was told they would be great in green or red and they would if you decorate your Christmas tree in those traditional colors. No matter what color you choose, they are going to look great!

What type of string should I use?

I recommend using single-ply cotton macrame string. It fringes out so pretty and doesn’t twist back up as time goes on.

How many should I make to have a set?

You can make as many as you want to make a set. I plan on making more of these little cuties so that I have at least six. Most Christmas ornaments come in sets of 6-12, so make as many as you want.

Below you will find the video with the written tutorial to follow.

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How to Make a Macrame Christmas Ornament

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Let’s tie some knots!

Step-by-step Tutorial

Step 1. Prepare your materials

Cut 10 strings to 24″ in length. Cut a piece of your dowel to 4 1/2″. Go ahead and cut as many as you want to make or can cut from one dowel.

macrame string and dowel for Christmas ornament

The first one I made I used strings that were 18″ long. I was trying to be economical so I could tell you exactly how much you needed so you would have very little waste.

24″ is a much better length. You will have some waste, but your fingers will thank you. Trust me! Tying those knots with the shorter strings was almost impossible. You’ll see what I mean when you watch the video.

Step 2. Attach your strings to the dowel

Attach the 10 strings to your dowel. Once attached, you will have 20 strings that are 12″ long. Plenty of length to keep this macrame Christmas ornament from ruining your Christmas spirit.

Macrame strings attached to a dowel with lark's head knots

Step 3. Tie your knots

We are using alternating square knots to form the triangle pattern of this macrame Christmas ornament.

Tie the knots as follows:

Row 1: Five square knots across

Five square knots tied across the first row

See what I mean about the strings? Way too short. Go with the 24″ length. I got through it, but my fingers didn’t want to cooperate.

Row 2: Four square knots across

two rows of square knots

Skip the first two strings and tie four square knots. You will have two strings left over at the end of the row.

The square knots will be below, but in between, the square knots in the row above. This is why they are called alternating square knots.

Row 3: Three square knots across

Three rows of alternating square knots

Skip the first four strings and begin tying your square knots. You will tie three and have four strings left on the other side.

Can you start to see the triangle forming?

Row 4: Skip six strings, tie two square knots.

Row 5: Skip eight strings, tie one square knot.

Once all the square knots are tied, your Christmas ornament should look like this.

triangel made using alternating square knots

Step 4. Frame the triangle

Frame the triangle using half-hitch knots. Learn how to tie a half-hitch knot in this post

Triangle shape using alternating square knots framed with half-hitch knots

Step 5. Finish your macrame Christmas ornament

Comb out the fringe and cut it to the length you want.

macrame Christmas ornament with fringe cut and combed out

Use jute string to add a hanger and you’re done! Aren’t they so cute?!

The one at the top I made using only eight strings, but I didn’t feel like it was full enough so for the next two I used 10 strings.

That last one was made with 24″ strings instead of 18″. It looks so much better and it was a heck of a lot easier to make!

Three macrame Christmas ornaments in a vertical row
Three macrame Christmas ornaments laying on top of each other
Macrame Christmas ornament hanging on Christmas tree branch

I love how they turned out and can’t wait to hang them on our full size tree for Christmas!

You could also use small branches or even cinnamon sticks to make your macrame Christmas ornament. Which one will you use? Be sure to share them with me after you make them, I would love to see how they turn out!

Happy Knotting!