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Simple Modern Macrame Wreath Tutorial

Learn how to make your own simple modern macrame wreath with this easy to follow tutorial using macrame string and faux eucalyptus. This wreath is great for any season and can hang anywhere in your home.

Close up of simple modern wreath

Wreaths are a wonderful way to decorate for any season. You can hang them on your door, above the mantle, or sit them on a shelf as part of a vignette.

But what if you don’t want to change them out every season? What if you could have just one that would work all year round?

We have been slowly simplifying our home and I knew I wanted a wreath that could last through all seasons. I didn’t want to have to store it away along with 3 others for each different time of the year.

I pulled some string from my macrame supplies and took some faux eucalyptus from a pitcher I had it in and made my own simple modern macrame wreath.

wooden hoop, faux eucalyptus, and macrame string

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Supplies needed to make a simple modern wreath

macrame string attached to hoop with lark's head knot

Step 1. Cut your string and attach it to your hoop

Cut one 15′ piece of 3mm macrame string. Attach it to your hoop using a lark’s head knot. You want one of the strings to be about 12 inches long and the other to be 14 feet long.

A lark’s head knot is a beginner knot that is used to start almost any macrame project. It’s one of five macrame knots every beginner should learn.

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tying macrame string around hoop for simple modern wreath

Step 2. Tie the knots for the simple modern macrame wreath

Wrap 1/3 of the hoop in macrame string with half hitch knots using the 14′ piece. Loop the string over the hoop and bring it through the loop you made and pull tight.

You can see how to tie a half-hitch knot in the video below.

You may have string left over, but it is better to be safe than sorry when making sure you have enough string.

If you run out of string, simply add more by doing the same thing you did in step one.

half hitch knots to make the simple modern wreath

Make sure to pull the half hitch knots nice and tight so they don’t roll on the wooden hoop. I made sure my knots were tied so that the ribbing would be on the side of the hoop, which will be the back when it’s hanging.

macrame section complete for simple modern wreath

Step 3. Tie off the end

Once you are done wrapping, make one half hitch knot with the short piece of string. Tie a regular knot as tight as you can and as close as you can get it to the hoop.

tying off macrame string using a bobby pin

Next, using a bobby pin, feed the string under the half hitch knot and cut off the excess so it doesn’t hang down in view.

using zip ties to add faux eucalyptus

Step 4. Add eucalyptus to the macrame wreath

Add the eucalyptus using zip ties. I chose green in the hopes that they would blend in and not be as noticeable. They don’t really show, but next time I’ll probably use floral wire.

You could attach it using a glue gun, but this should only be done if you plan on hanging it in the house, not on an exterior door. You don’t want the sun melting your glue and the eucalyptus to fall off. Yes…that may have happened to me on a previous project. LOL!

Step 5. Finish

Tie a knot in the long piece of macrame string as close to the hoop as you can. Cut it off so it won’t show.

Tie a short piece of macrame string around the wreath to use as a hanger and you’re done!

completed simple modern wreath
close up of macrame section of the simple modern wreath
completed simple modern wreath
front view of the simple modern wreath

I love the simple modern look of this macrame wreath DIY and it only took about 15 minutes to make!

The best part? It can be a fall wreath, a winter wreath, a spring wreath and a summer wreath! No more switching out wreaths for every season. No more storing decor for every season. That’s a win in my quest to simplify our home.

Do you decorate for every season? Are you looking for ways to cut back on all that decor you store away? This macrame hoop wreath will do that for you!

Now go make your own!

Happy Knotting!

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Friday 6th of September 2019

Love this wreath! I have a ton of leftover eucalyptus from the baby sprinkle for my daughter in law. I need to make something like this for our bedroom. We can't hang anything really heavy upstairs because of earthquakes.

Friday 6th of September 2019

Thank you!! This would be perfect, it is very lightweight!

Susie | Chelsea Project

Thursday 29th of August 2019

Such a simple wreath, but so very, very lovely. I love the threads on one side and greenery on the other. Looking forward to learning more and more!!

Saturday 31st of August 2019

This wreath is my favorite macrame project so far!!