Learn how to make this easy macrame keychain. Keychains are great to give as gifts and look great as a purse fob. You could even have your grands make them with you.

macrame keychain used as a purse fob

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I love doing things with my grands when they come over. Imagine my delight when my granddaughters wanted to learn how to macrame!

We made plant hangers and snowflakes and had a great time doing it!

Psssst…Stay tuned for the snowflake tutorial, it’s coming soon.

Today we are going to make some easy macrame keychains. These are great to give as gifts or keep for yourself. You can even use them as purse fobs.

Go grab a grand to make them with you and let’s get started!

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roll of macrame sting, lanyard keychain ring, and pink beads

Step 1. Attach the macrame string to the lanyard key chain

Add the lanyard clip to the ring.

Attach four 5′ lengths of 3mm cotton macrame string to the ring using a lark’s head knot. This will give you 8 strings that are 2 1/2′ long

macrame string added to the keychain ring with lark's head knots

Step 2. Make the keychain

Starting on the left, tie 2 square knots, then skip two strings and tie 1 square knot on the second row.

square knots tied on the macrame keychain

Use the first string on the left side as your working cord and tie double half hitch knots at a diagonal down the left side

Watch the video below to learn how to make a half hitch knot.

Repeat the same with the right side.

macrame keychain with square knots and half hitch knots

Once both sides are knotted, continue tying double half hitch knots from the right side all the way across diagonally to the left side.

macrame keychain in progress

Now pick up the working cord from the left side and tie double half hitch knots the rest of the way diagonally down the right side so that they criss cross each other.

macrame keychain with square knots bordered by half hitch knots

Tie 3 more sets of 2 square knots bordered by double half hitch knots.

You can add more sets if you want to make it longer, but you will have to cut your lengths of macrame string longer.

macrame keychain with square knots and double half hitch knots

Step 3. Cut and comb the fringe

Cut the strings at the bottom to the length you want and comb it out.

fringe cut and combed out on the bottom of the keychain

That’s it! Your easy macrame keychain is ready to use. You could do this in any color and they even look great as a purse fob!

keychain with car key
keychain on a purse as a purse fob

What color will you use? I’m going to make a bunch of these for Christmas…but, shhhhh….don’t tell.

Happy knotting,


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