Hello! Im Susanne
I’m a macrame lover, blogger and entrepreneur. Pasta is my favorite food, soda is my weakness and my favorite people call me Nana.
some facts about me
  • I’m wife to the best hubby EVER, mom to 3 amazing children, nana to 7 beautiful littles, and pug mom to Pugsley and
    Oh, and there’s Rowdy…our Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix, I can’t forget about that crazy little guy!
  • Pasta is my favorite meal and my worst enemy, along with soda. Willpower is not my best quality, but I’m working on
    eating healthy and drinking more water….ugh!
  • I enjoy staying home on the weekend and binge watching HGTV. I enjoy a good conversation with my kids as opposed
    to texting, call
    me old fashioned….whatever, LOL!
  • I love my grandlittles, they mesmerize and amaze me, and I wish I could see them more.
  • I spent countless hours trying to be crafty, burning my fingers on the hot glue gun, and cutting my hand trying to cut
    through felt fabric.
    I had thrown in the towel when it came to crafting. Being a crafter was just not my thing,
    Until one day while scrolling through Instagram,
    I happened on a macrame account. OH MY!! I immediately ordered
    some string and dowel rods and the rest is history.
  • Now our house is filled with macrame wall hangings and plant hangers and I am determined to share my love of
    macrame with everyone.
  • I want to thank you for visiting my little piece of the internet. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or
    suggestions for projects
    you would like to see or learn how to make!
  • Email me at macra-made@susannekstewart.com